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Gregory Simmons,
Founder & CEO at Akashic Writing.

Akashic Writing is a digital marketing company that uses the knowledge of the universe to ensure that all of our clients can reach their full potential. Using a digital marketing company to help your small business grow is the secret tool of all business owners. Akashic Writing is able to help with social media management, photography/videography, Resumes, and Ghost Writing. 

Our Areas of Focus Are 

Academic Support

We’ve done our research— on you, your profession, and your industry. Just share your job title and we will expertly write content (that you can personalize) for your resume. Applicant Tracking Software is often the first set of “eyes” on your resume. All our designs are tested to ensure you get to the human behind the machine.

Academic supports are programs and strategies that are used by Akashic Writing to increase the academic achievement of students, particularly for students who may be at risk of diminished academic achievement. A wide variety of strategies have been developed to provide extra support to students.

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