Fashion Photo Shoot


Akashic Writing provides a variety of photography options to fit any of our client's needs. We specialize in but are not limited to  

  • Portrait  

  • Photojournalism

  • Nature

  • Sports

  • Fashion

  • Still Life

  • Architectural


Showcasing an event with a video can allow viewers to feel like they are a part of the interaction. The extra depth videography provides for an event or business can make a difference in participation and sales. 

  • Businesses

  • Events

  • Real Estate

  • Non-Profits

  • Products

  • Documentaries

  • Commercials 

Off The Top


RAW photos are good, but edited photos are the best. For every client, Akashic Writing will edit the photos taken by our team. Depending on the contract, a certain number of photos the customer picks will be edited to their liking. If you already have photos that need to be touched up, we can help with this process. 

  • Lightroom Editing Services: White Balance Correction, Color Correction, Contrast Correction, Temperature Adjustments,
    Saturation Adjustments, Noise Reduction, Sharpness, Tonal Correction etc.

  • Photoshop Editing Services: Retouching, Enhancing, Head shots editing, Image manipulation, Unwanted objects removal, Adding blue skies & greenery, Color Changing, Removing Blemishes & Spots.

  • Background Removal Related: White background, Transparent background, Clipping path, Masking, Deep etching, Cropping,